Webmaster Services

Webmaster Services

Webmaster Monthly Service

Two hours per month of website updates, Wordpress updates, backups, Wordpress security as well as technical support.

  • This Package Includes The Following

  • 1 Webmaster On Call To Address Problems

  • 2 HOURS OF

  • Website Updates

  • Wordpress Updates

  • Full Website Backups

  • Wordpress Security

  • Have a webmaster on call and have one hour of updates for your website. We are HTML & Wordpress Pros!

Webmaster On Demand Package

2 Basic Updates Per Year Plus 1 Emergency!
This service provides webmaster services to you on an as needed basis. This is great if you need small tasks performed on your website throughout the year. If you need to change your business hours or make some other small changes to your website? This package gives you 2 of those updates per year. Plus in case of an emergency you have a WEBMASTER ON SPEED DIAL and can wake us up in the middle of the night if you need too!

Your Webmaster By The Hour

Hire one of our webmasters for $75 per hour.

Monthly Webmaster Services (quarterly)

Quarterly Webmaster Services Package

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